Welcome to Asia Football

Hello reader,

I hope you enjoy the current World Cup and share my fascination with the performance of Japan and South Korea. I followed the tournament as a member of Guardian Football Fans Network and had so much fun supporting South Korea and Japan.

The problem was, I was the only East Asian in the group, and specifically the only Chinese. I’ve had this situation many times before – in university, courses, writers festival, etc. And I felt ashamed that I could see Australians, British, and Americans heartily supporting Japan and South Korea (or at least praising their performances), still not many Indonesians feel the same way.

Many Asians still much interested in the gambling (not betting) aspect of watching football, and have little faith in Asian footballers compared to say, Brazilians or Africans. Such a pity because even in contemporary FIFA Club World Cup editions, AFC clubs from Japan and South Korea consistently are in the third place. And every year, pundits across the world are easily awed by African and CONCACAF clubs and have no second thought on the Asian club.

So this blog is about that. It’s about news, opinion, and comments on Asian Football, with focus on the East – Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Australia.  Second, this blog is about Asian footballers playing outside their home leagues – in Scotland, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, U.S., and Australia.

So, this is the first step walked. With the 2010/2011 seasons in Europe and Australia kicked off, and J. League and K-League will resume, you should have plenty of materials to read. Cheers.

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