I’m writing a novel

First, my weekly update can be found on http://scienceoffootball.com/

I’m writing a novel about a fictional Asian metropolis through short stories about its residents (an Asian Dubliners, if you like), and have decided that the two stories are about football. One is about a top national midfielder on the verge of transferred overseas. Still thinking if he’s going to move to Japan, Australia, or Europe. Most likely to Japan. This fictional country is in SE Asia and is modeled after Singapore and HK, and if the history of Thais in Manchester City is to be heeded, I’m going write a suicide-in-progress for my hero if he’s going to move to Europe. Not nice.

Or is it better to Korea or Australia? Since Japan doesn’t like foreign players who are not Brazilians or Koreans (or Australian in case of Jesus K, and besides that he is a good forward, he was in the squad that trashed Japan back in Germany).

Anyway, the story I’m about to work on is about the supporter of the worst team in the league, a family man who takes his family to an empty stadium just to see his club loses again. Let’s say my country’s league doesn’t have relegation system, just like Australia and Korea (which is a nicer thing to say that ‘just like Singapore and HK’). For European football fans, it’s a no-brainer – “I’ll support my team even when they’re in Serie D”.  Many Englishmen are proud to support the worst clubs so that they can write books about being a part of it, where every draw is precious and every goal is memorable.  I know the feeling, being an Indonesian and how it’s like to support Japan and South Korea in the World Cup.

But for Asian fans, it’s a total waste of time. Perhaps the fun thing about writing on this story is that I can highlight Asian obsession with European leagues (i.e. England, Italy, Spain, and Champions) while shunning local and other Asian clubs (one reason I write about Asian football is because not many Asians do it).

While doing small research, I’ve got a good fish – the blog of Sengkal Punggol supporters, the worst club in S-League.  The problem is like many many other Singapore blogs I’ve read, it’s cynical instead of sarcastic. It’s full of bitterness. Not just because they support the worst club, but maybe because they’re Singaporeans (actually many Indonesian blogs I know are also that bitter. Can’t we Asians be more humorous and clever in laughing at our situations?)

I also looked at blogs related to Japanese and Korean clubs – the problem is many of English language blogs on these clubs  are written by expat (Western) supporters, rather than locals. Wondering if I can get better info tomorrow when I’ve been suitably rested, or if I can learn one thing or two from the European culture (ultras are forbidden  in my country, plus again, people watch EPL instead of local leagues) and trying to transplant the aspects to my world.

And hm, definitely I should write something about a local supporters’ club for a European team and its culture, and also on the arrival of a European team for the summer tour.


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