Hey, it’s been some months.  For the last few months I’ve given weekly updates to an Australian blog, Science of Football. Then it’s been closed for some weeks, so it’s time to come back to my baby.

So, while this blog was inactive, some things happened, although thankfully nobody finishes their season yet.  In Japan, Nagoya Grampus are 11 points clear with six games to go. In South Korea, five of six teams qualified for the play-offs round have been decided with two matches left. The sixth spot is up for grab between Ulsan Horang-i (44 pts.) and Suwon Samsung Bluewings (40).

In China, only one more game left but the champions have been decided – Shandong Luneng. Beijing and Dalian, at fifth and sixth places, have the slim chance of qualifying for the Champions League if something bad happens to fourth place Hangzhou this Saturday.

AFC Champions League final – between Iranian new stars Zob Ahan and classical Korean strongmen Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma. The only problem is it seems that only few people in Asia care about the Champions League, with limited press coverage and constant low attendances, with the exception of Saudi’s Al-Hilal. Yes, Seongnam is a strong team but it’s never been popular in Korea because of its link to the Unification Church (better known as Moonies), and frankly Asians just don’t care about their teams fighting foreign clubs, in contrast to fight teams from other cities or derbies.

Since K-League will have another game day on Wednesday, I’ll be back tomorrow. How that sounds? I’m already sleepy here.



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