K-League update

A full Wednesday for the K-League, and the result has added some spice in the play-off round run-up. Even with five teams guaranteed places for the final phase, how they are seeded and who are their opponents still may change. Seongnam, which have the knack of turning deadly in the Championship, definitely are the ones other teams wish to avoid in their first match.

Seoul, however, have passed this Seongnam’s test by beating the Pegasus in their home turf 2-1, through Taegeuk Warriors Lee Seung-Ryul and Jung Ju-Gook, against rising Korean striker Cho Dung-Gun’s goal. As Jeju United had a rest week, Seoul have overtaken their lead with one point margin.

Jeonbuk Hyundai fail to pass the 50 points mark after surprising defeat to Busan I’Park, the perpetual mid-level team in the league. Jeong Shung-Hoon’s goal in the 53th minute ensure another decent year for Busan – no chance of qualifying for the play-offs, but still in respectable rank.

Finally, Ulsan Hyundai solidify their qualification ticket after destroying the serial victim Daegu 5-0. Paraguayan star Jose Maria Ortigoza score a double, with additions from Ko Chang-Hyeon, Kim Shin-Wook, and Carmelo Valencia. Former league leaders Gyeongnam were beaten up soundly by Pohang Steelers as former Korean export Seol Ki-Hyeon scored two goals to add up Mota’s goal.

Here’s how the league stands up:

1. Seoul (59), 2. Jeju (58), 3. Jeonbuk (48), 4. Seongnam (47), 5. Ulsan (47), 6. Gyeongnam (47)

Final league day: Seoul – Daejeon, Jeju – Incheon, Jeonbuk – Suwon, Gyeongnam – Seongnam, Gwangju – Ulsan


Extra: In Australia, Brisbane destroyed Wellington 4-1 through Costa Barbarouses, Thomas Broich, Massimo Murdocca, and Mitchell Nichols. Wellington’s resistance came through Tim Brown. Mid-tablers Perth & Melbourne Heart added another 0-0 result to the league’s record.